The group of inherited blood disorders known as “hemophilia” stems from a genetic defect that results in deficiency in one of the blood clotting factors.  As a result of defects in the blood vessels, the coagulation mechanism, or the blood platelets, a hemophiliac may bleed spontaneously or for longer than normal. The two main types of hemophilia, Hemophilia A (due to factor VIII deficiency) and Hemophilia B (due to factor IX deficiency) are nearly clinically identical and are associated with spontaneous bleeding into joints and muscles and internal or external bleeding after injury or surgery. Treatment known as factor replacement therapy involves injecting the missing factor protein into the bloodstream, where it is immediately available to stop bleeding.

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Hint: Unlike plasma-derived products made from donated plasma, recombinant factor concentrates are extracted from animal cells that do not have the potential to contain human viruses.