Meds on Cue

Medication Questions? Answers are just a scan away!

Med-Fast Pharmacy is proud to announce, MedsOnCue, a new pharmacy service that offers patient-friendly, prescription- specific medication education. MedsOnCue uses brief videos on your mobile device or web to deliver powerful education and information tools.

After scanning the QR code on your prescription bottle, these videos will provide you with information.

Information Provided:

  • Prescription-specific directions for use
  • Special administration instructions
  • Use and expected benefits
  • Most common side effects
  • Special precautions during use

Other MedsOnCue Services Include:

  • Connect Me: Click-to-call access to your local Med-Fast Pharmacy
  • Remind Me: Medication Alert & Reminder system for refills
  • Inform Me:  additional prescription information and health and wellness resources

How to use MedsOnCue:

  1. DOWNLOAD: Use your current QR reader, or download the SCAN app from Apple App Store or Google Play
  2. SCAN: Hold the smartphone 2 to 6 inches away and then scan the QR code.
  3. WATCH: Watch on-demand videos that answer questions about your specific medication
  4. INTERACT: Access to your pharmacy, medication reminders and healthcare resources are one click away.