Smoking Cessation Drug May Stem Alcoholism

New research suggests that a drug already used to help people stop smoking may also be a benefit in treating alcohol dependence. Varenicline (brand name Chantix) was first approved in 2006 as a smoking cessation medication. Now, researchers at the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) have conducted a study that shows that varenicline may also significantly reduce alcohol craving and consumption among alcohol-dependent individuals. This study is the first to test the safety and effectiveness of varenicline in a group of both smokers and non-smokers who are alcohol dependent. This is encouraging news for those seeking a new treatment for alcohol dependence, which is a widespread problem that affects people both directly and indirectly.

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Hint: The most common side effects of varenicline include nausea, sleep problems, constipation, gas, and/or vomiting.