Side Effects

Drug “side effects” are unwanted effects of a medication, most of which range from unpleasant to potentially harmful.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adverse drug reactions result in more than 700,000 visits to hospital emergency rooms each year. All drugs have potential side effects, many of which may be predicted on the basis of how the drug functions in the body. Side effects usually occur shortly after beginning a new medication, switching to a new formulation, or raising the dosage. Whenever beginning to take a new medication, patients should ask their doctors about what side effects might occur and what to do if one or more does appear. The pharmacist is another valuable source for patients who want to know what side effects and adverse drug interactions they are likely to encounter.

Most drugs could possibly cause an adverse drug reaction. At Med-Fast Pharmacy, our knowledgeable staff of well-trained and compassionate pharmacist can discuss with you the very latest information and advice to support the safer use of medicines. We have 13 area locations to serve you. We invite you to stop by and discuss with us in person any issues that you may have. Or you can call us on the phone at 866-444-6290. We’re more than a Pharmacy, we’re Family!