Risky Food & Drug Interactions

Among the most studied of dangerous food and medication interactions are those involving grapefruit juice, which poses a potentially life-threatening risk when consumed with statins, certain blood pressure drugs,  and anti-clotting agents, in particular. Patients should also be aware that there are other foods that can affect the medications they are taking. For instance, patients taking warfarin (Coumadin) should know that foods with high vitamin K content (including broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, spinach, cabbage, and collard greens) could reduce the drug’s effectiveness. In addition, foods and drinks with high caffeine content can increase the side effects of bronchodilators (taken for asthma) and antipsychotic clopazine. These are just a few of the food/drug interactions that are worthy of attention.

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Hint: Foods high in potassium may raise potassium levels too much when eaten in conjunction with ACE inhibitors (captopril, enalapril, lisinopril, etc.)