Hemodialysis at Home

Today’s home hemodialysis equipment is smaller and easier to learn, use and maintain than older machines.

Although hemodialysis may be essential for saving the lives of those with advanced kidney disease, it can also be a time-consuming treatment. By doing the job that damaged kidneys can no longer perform, dialysis removes waste and fluid buildup from the blood. To be effective, most patients must go to a dialysis center three days per week for up to four hours of dialysis each visit. While this amount of treatment may be adequate, it is generally agreed that more is better to clear additional waste and fluids from the body and reduce symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, nausea, and swelling between visits. Home hemodialysis is therefore often recommended, which can even be performed at night while the patient sleeps.

People on dialysis may need to eat more protein. Protein can help maintain blood protein levels and improve health. It is vital to confirm the medications you are being prescribed by your doctor, along with your pharmacist, to make sure no medication mistakes are being made. At Med-Fast Pharmacy, we keep detailed records of the medications that you take. This allows us to accurately prevent possible drug interactions. Getting all of your prescriptions at one pharmacy is a great way to decrease medication mistakes and interactions. If you have any questions about medications, please contact your local Med-Fast Pharmacy.