Patients with conditions that impair breathing, such as heart failure, sleep apnea, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, greatly benefit from home oxygen therapy and being able to carry a personal cylinder or tank of oxygen. Supplemental oxygen improves overall function and quality of life for those who need it by improving sleep, increasing activity levels, and decreasing shortness of breath and fatigue. While safe to use, oxygen should never be utilized or stored near heat or ignition sources such as space heaters, smokers, electric blankets, and candles. In addition to keeping supplemental oxygen away from aerosol sprays, cleaning fluids, gasoline, and other combustible liquids, patients should abstain from using oil- or grease-based lotions, lip balms, body oils, and other such products. The hosing and tubing associated with supplemental oxygen use should be secured so they don’t become tripping hazards, and brightly colored so that they can be readily seen.

Oxygen is a safe gas as long as it is used properly. We recommend you notify your electric company if you are using an oxygen concentrator system so it can make your house a priority during a power outage. We encourage you to come to Med-Fast Pharmacy to discuss any questions that you may have. We can advise you, physicians, and other health practitioners on the selection, dosages, interactions, and side effects of medications, as well as monitor your health and progress to ensure that you are using medications safely and effectively.  Find a Med-Fast Location near you!