Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs’ New Warning

A new FDA warning appears on the labels of cholesterol-lowering “statin” drugs taken by over 20 million Americans. The new safety information now says that statin drugs have been known to increase HbA1C readings (a blood test that reflects average blood sugar levels) and serum glucose levels (blood sugar), which raises alarms about statins’ link with diabetes. Two recent multi-study analyses have concluded that taking a statin drug increased the risk of developing diabetes by 9% and 12% (with higher doses).  However, another multi-study analysis has concluded that statins reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and major cardiovascular procedures by about 20% for each 40 mg/dL decrease in LDL they achieve. Benefits must be evaluated along with risks.

Please take the time to speak to your health care professionals, including your pharmacist, so that you can safely take medicines. We take the time to make sure that you know exactly how to take a particular medicine as well as educate you on the possible side effects. Our MedsOnCue service can offer provide more information for you with just a scan of your smart phone. Stay informed with Med-Fast Pharmacy.

Hint: According to a multi-study analysis that compared four years of data, for every 255 people taking a statin drug, there is one additional case of diabetes, but also 5.4 fewer heart attacks and deaths from cardiovascular conditions.