A Healthy Prescription

As the American public becomes increasingly responsible for its own health, it also recognizes the need for regular exercise and proper nutrition. This self-motivated approach to health maintenance is often supported by the local pharmacy, which dispenses everything from pain-relief medication for sore muscles to orthotics. When minor illnesses strike, the pharmacy is well-stocked with over-the-counter medications that aid consumers in self-treatment. Of course, more severe or chronic conditions are likely to require prescription medications after diagnosis by a physician. In these cases, too, the pharmacy offers assistance in the form of consultation about dosage, side effects, generic alternatives and potentially harmful drug/food interactions. Stay informed about health related issues by visiting our website in the weeks and months ahead.

Our entire staff is pleased to welcome you to our website. You should always consult with your doctor or pharmaceutical professional before taking any medication. The experts at Med-Fast Pharmacy are more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns you have regarding medications. We want you to ask questions and express your concerns so that you will feel safe and comfortable. Call (724) 375-1672 to schedule a consultation today. We’re more than a pharmacy, we’re family! We can tailor a program to your personal diabetes needs and offer diabetes education classes. We are also a specialized compounding pharmacy. We have 13 area locations to serve you.

HINT: The pharmacist can assist patients by compiling a comprehensive medication file that tracks medications being taken and precludes adverse drug interactions.